Rats – Mice & Rodent Removal South Florida

What’s that noise in the attic?  Odds are it’s either Rat – Mice or Rodents.  Here in South Florida these uninvited guests have taken up residence in your attic area under your very roof. 

Rat – Mice & Rodent Removal – Control  Repairs – Full Attic Restoration – Prevention

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It seems that no matter where you are in the state of Florida, you’ll run into an overabundance of rats, mice or rodents. Oftentimes these plague-carrying animals decide to use your attic, storage or basements as their permanent home, destroying wires and building supports in the process.

If you’ve started to notice unwelcomed guests in your home, it’s time you hired a professional to make sure they get the eviction notice. We offer fast, responsive service for all of our clients, so you don’t have to live with rats, mice or rodents even one day longer.

Fast Easy Inspections – Top Quality Professional Service – 24/7 Emergency Service

Beginning with our Fast Easy consultation process, the entire animal removal process is quick and easy:

  1. We’ll inspect your property both inside and out
  2. We’ll repair or seal entry and exist points to prevent animals escaping or returning
  3. We’ll safely and humanely trap animals in your home or business
  4. We’ll sanitize the area so there are no residual results
  5. We’ll fully restore – cleanup the Attic upon request

Call us today at (561) 513-5008 for a no obligation, FAST Easy consultation about your pest problem. With blazing response times and 24-hour emergency services, we offer premium pest removal services no matter the size or extent of the job.

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