Iguana Removal South Florida

Iguanas are an invasive species of reptile that has no predators in South Florida other than the trappers and animal removal services.  Although they are beautiful and an exotic addition to the landscape, they have a voracious appetite for flowers and the leaves of flowering plants and will strip a blooming hibiscus tree in one morning.  They also prefer to live underground where it is cool like seawalls and pool patios.  The tunneling can impact the integrity of the wall and pipes involved with pools.

We have had many clients that are worried about the large amount of excrement the iguana leaves on the dock, pool deck, seawall and roof of home.  Not only is it awful to look at but it is hazardous to the health of your pets and children because it contains salmonella.  Very expensive veterinarian visits follow dogs that ingest this waste.

The good news is we’ll trap and remove your iguanas until gone.

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