Moscovy Duck and Egyptian Geese Removal Services

Both Moscovy ducks and Egyptian geese are taking over the waterways, golf courses and strip malls of South Florida.  Actually, they will take over where ever some feeds them and there is no shortage of these people.  The duck was introduced to north America as a great source of food because of their large size and meaty breast; however, the Moscovy did not catch on as an entree and instead has used its great size and prolific breeding to squeeze out the native ducks like the Mallard.  The Moscovy duck has more eggs per clutch than the native variety and use their large size to take over food sources and kill off native ducklings.

Where found in large numbers, the Moscovy excrement really becomes a hazard and may coat entire sidewalks and drive areas, making it difficult not to slip and slide while walking by their adopted habitat.  The excrement is horrible on golf greens as well, where it burns the expensive grass.

All of the same can be said for the Egyptian Geese as they are also non-native to South Florida, prolific breeders, huge waste creators but instead of having great size to bully our native ducks, these beauties are very aggressive.  Where you see these guys are the same areas as the Moscovy ducks but notice the next time you’re at a local park or lake that the number of native ducks is almost non-existent where these two also reside.

We remove both from golf courses, apartment complexes, private businesses, HOAs and mobile home parks. Call (561) 513-5008 for a Free quote.

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