Attic Restoration – Insulation – Animal Damage Cleanup

When a home or business has been penetrated by nuisance wildlife like rats, bats, raccoons, opossums and pigeons alike, the insulation and attic space may need replaced and sanitized for the health of the occupants.  We at Wildlife Removal Services are experts in attic restoration and have unbeatable prices on both blown in insulation and the highly efficient foam insulation.  We will remove all soiled insulation with our state-of-the-art vacuum trucks and our skilled technicians, who pay attention to the cleanliness of your home or business at all times during the job.

After the insulation is removed, our technicians spray the bare attic with a bio-enzyme/deodorizer that is non-toxic and green as can be.  This is to kill any residual nastiness left on the runways of the uninvited guests, like the trusses and air conditioning duct work.  The following day we will blow in the highest rated insulation to an efficiency value of R-30 or foam your roof deck and soffits with the latest fireproof foam insulation.

Please call (561) 513-5008 for a free quote and if need be, an inspection of the home to make sure all is sealed up and there is no chance of a reoccurring visit from a pest.

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